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About MTS

Serving all Art Enthusiasts, The MTS Online Academy is a Collective Series of Vocal, Audio Engineer, Graphic Design, and DJ Courses.   Our Focus is to Educate in a Fun and Accessible Learning Environment, Suitable for All Ages. Our Instructors are not only Educated, but Actual Working Musicians and Artists which adds to the Online Academy Experience.


Mobile Interactive Experience

Our interactive features also include step-by-step videos to give students a learning experience as if they were Face to Face in a classroom.  Gain a full interactive user experience, by participating in student-led discussions or as we like to say, “Peer Assistance.” Share your knowledge on our Student Discussion Board (SDB) and interact directly with your instructor and classmates.

At the completion of each course, students will receive a professional certificate of completion to show for their hard work.  Most importantly, students will visibly notice an improvement in their skills.



Professional Certificate Program

 An MTS Online Certification program can help you seek greater opportunities and recognition, or simply enable you to keep up with changes in your specific field, or specialized topic area. Many of our programs — including our certificates in Audio Engineering, DJing, Graphic Design, Guitar, & Voice. — are specifically aligned with industry-recognized standards and continuing education requirements.

If you’re interested in stepping into a new area of concentration or maybe you just want to try something new and test-drive a class or two? Earning a professional certificate from MTS Academy will help you build your skills, increase your knowledge in your chosen area of study, and prepare you for career advancement.

Benefits of a Professional Certificate From MTS Academy

  • Focus on your chosen area of study

  • Develop relevant career skills without the commitment of a full degree program

  • Coursework focuses on specialized skills, professional development, and advanced training

  • Stay competitive and prove that you’re serious about your craft


How to Pay For My Class

To Pay for your class, click on the course that you would like to take and Click the [Purchase This Class] button and select your payment method. You can then enter your credit card information for processing.

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