Tech News: Roland JD-Xi

The world has been asking for it and now we have it:  the Roland JD-Xi. Rolands New Analogue/ Digital Crossover Synth. This new keyboard has 15 feeling knobs for sending and receiving midi with Backlit  selector buttons. Throw in the easy to read red LCD and we are in business! The Roland looks similar to […]

10 Things For Spring Days in Gifs & Memes

  Go outside without a parka Enjoy the freedom of going outside without the extra bulk of your winter coat. Have a cookout Call all the family and friends, and invite them over for a cookout. To make things easier on yourself, do it potluck style, and have everyone bring something to throw on the […]

Slover Library: The Tomorrowland of Norfolk

Did you get a chance to see the new Slover Library in Norfolk? Well I can tell you it looks amazing! The library is composed of three buildings; one that is reminiscent of the 1800s and one that is structured like the 1900s. The center building is that of the 2000s and connects all of […]

Terminator Genysis Review: All Buck, No Bite

Terminator Genisys was okay (mixed), but lacked some thematic depth in contrast to it’s predecessors. It was rather, watered-down. I was waiting for an OOOH…but all I got was an UGH. Even Terminator Salvation (which I actually liked) had a bit more depth. Everything was on the surface. I was really trying to see how […]

The Summer Scene

Summer, summer, summertime is here again! Fans of the beach and temperatures nearing that of the 7th circle of Hell, I’m sure you’re happy. Those of us who’d rather breathe air than swim through it… hold on just a little longer. Autumn will be here eventually. Let’s celebrate- or not- the arrival of summer by […]

Summer Time Fun

Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons because there is ALWAYS so much to do, with limited weather restrictions. Whether it’s outsides concert or trips to the beach, there are always many activities to do. Below are some of my most favorite things to do during the summer. Hopefully these will give you ideas […]

Make Your Mother’s Day in Gifs & Memes

May 10th is Mother’s Day, and this year, let’s give Mom the kind of recognition she deserves. Don’t wait until the last minute (meaning Sunday, when you’re on your way to your parents’ house for dinner). Put your best foot forward, get your wheels turning and all that, and think of something really sweet for […]

SilverScreen – Furious 7

I’m gonna be honest. I feared for this franchise. Fast Five was already an epic in itself, and I wanted the series to end then. Shockingly enough, they pushed forward with the blockbuster of my summer, Fast and Furious 6. It was so well put together, and I thought they picked the bad ass of […]

Diggin’ In the Crates MAY 2015

Diggin’ In The Crates is dedicated to today’s producers who sift through timeless music of all genres with the goal of creating a modern sound by using pieces of those older recordings. Songs are chosen not necessarily by complexity of the sample, but overall creativity of producer and artist a making a new song as […]

DJ Karee’s Top 5 Play

Here’s What’s Playing in the Spot from DJ Karee 1. RIch Homie Quan – Flex 2. Fetty Wap – My Way 3. Drake – 10 Bands 4. Allied Forces – Take Notes 5. O.T. Genasis – Ricky