Vocal Wiz: Power Singing

Power singing doesn’t mean to strain! All vocal production should involve using the diaphragm, so in instances when more vocal power is needed, engage your diaphragm more to help.

Be a Better DJ

What’s up fellow DJ’s and aspiring DJ’s?! I’m DJ Karee of 103Jamz & Music Theory Studios, and I have been DJing for 25 years and also have the pleasure of being on the radio for 14 years and counting. I often get asked for advice about DJing and how to make it to the next level. Below […]

Top 5 Tips to Becoming a Better Audio Engineer

Peace everyone, it’s your Audio Engineering Instructor John Dennis. I am here with my top five tips on how to become a better engineer. I am one of the main engineers at Music Theory Studios and take my craft very seriously. Here’s a few for the aspiring engineers of the trade. 5) Know your genres of music and […]

Performing With Nerves

Whether it was from performing, or just public speaking, at some point in their life everyone has felt embarrassed or nervous about being in front of others. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably internalized a running script of one, or more of these questions while in front of people. Will they like me? What […]

Free Vocal WarmUps

Always warm up before singing. Just like an athlete prepares for a big race, singers need to properly warm up before singing. Something as simple as humming, or singing through the scale can make a huge difference in your vocal production. Be sure to include warm-ups into your singing routine to help prevent vocal strain or injury.

Tech News: Roland JD-Xi

The world has been asking for it and now we have it:  the Roland JD-Xi. Rolands New Analogue/ Digital Crossover Synth. This new keyboard has 15 feeling knobs for sending and receiving midi with Backlit  selector buttons. Throw in the easy to read red LCD and we are in business! The Roland looks similar to […]

Chords & Strings: Playing With the Frets

One of the most important aspects of producing a good tone on guitar or bass is playing at the fret. When you fret a note with your left hand, you should be pressing the string just behind the fret with your fingertip.

Tech Head: Akai Professional Advance Keyboard

    Competition is always good for us audio tech heads. I present the rival against Native Instrument’s Komplete Control keyboard: the Akai Professional Advance Keyboard. The Advance Keyboard is designed to fuse the power of software instruments with the live play ability of a keyboard workstation with a full-color 4.3-inch display, the Akai Virtual […]