What Does Music Do For Me?

Who doesn’t love music for music’s sake? You know, you’re just listening for the aesthetic element of the art. But for many people- I’d even dare to say most- music fills a lot of other needs as well. Here are some of the ways music enhances our lives and a few of my own go-to […]

Tech News: What the Heck is Tidal?

So, if you’ve noticed some of your favorite musicians’ avitars change to a solid aqua color recently, then you may be wondering what it’s all about. Is Jay-Z doing an album with Daft Punk? Is Madonna collaborating with Beyonce? Well, at least for now the answer to those questions is simply, no. What IS happening […]

INTERACTIVE: Diggin’ In the Crates Jan 2015

Diggin’ In The Crates is dedicated to today’s producers who sift through timeless music of all genres with the goal of creating a modern sound by using pieces of those older recordings. Songs are chosen not necessarily by complexity of the sample, but overall creativity of producer and artist in making a new song as […]


Peace everyone, It’s me SmilesTF1 and its time for another BACKLOG REVIEW, The Top 10 Albums for the music lover. It has gotten chilly out so fast. Good I got some hot music for you all to warm you up. So I present the top 10 albums of  January So let’s get to the music.   […]

A Vocal Wiz: Power Singing

Power singing doesn’t mean to strain! All vocal production should involve using the diaphragm, so in instances when more vocal power is needed, engage your diaphragm more to help.

Strings & Chords: Playing at the Frets

One of the most important aspects of producing a good tone on guitar or bass is playing at the fret. When you fret a note with your left hand, you should be pressing the string just behind the fret with your fingertip. This will ensure good contact between the string and the fret, and a nice, clear tone.

Piano Perks: The Change of One Note

Memorizing can be a good thing (and also a mandatory thing in school). However, if you find yourself memorizing something you’re learning for performance early on, make sure you force yourself to read along, even though you know it.

Audio Engineer’s Guide to the Galaxy: Panning

When mixing a song, it’s a good idea to find panning positions for each instrument prior to adjusting volume faders. The reason for this is simple, depending on where that particular sound is panned will be the first factor that determines how loud or soft that sound appears to us.

Anyone Can Sing!

You can learn how to sing regardless of your age. With only a few lessons using the proper techniques, you will discover that you can sing. And with a bit of time you will develop a beautiful singing voice. Most people are under the impression that singers are somehow born with a special gift.